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Garage Door Opener Not Working? Try These Easy Fixes First

For many homeowners in Chesapeake, there’s nothing more frustrating than pulling into the driveway only to find that your garage door opener has stopped working. Whether it’s the middle of winter or a rainy day, not being able to get into the garage is an annoyance that can quickly turn into a bigger problem.

Rather than immediately calling a professional garage door company, we recommend trying some simple troubleshooting steps yourself first. As a garage door repair company serving Chesapeake for over 15 years, we’ve seen that many issues can be easily fixed without needing a service call. Give these tips a try before contacting Integrity Garage Door Repair.

Garage Door Opener

Check the Power Source

Make sure the electric garage door opener is plugged into a working outlet. Also check that the electrical circuit is not tripped or blown. Wall switches or garage light switches may control the same circuit, so make sure they are in the on position. If you have a battery backup, check that the batteries are installed properly and not dead. Recharge or replace them if needed.

Test the Photo Eyes

These important safety devices are usually located on each side of the garage door, about 4-6 inches above the floor. Photo eyes work by emitting and receiving an invisible light beam. If anything breaks the light beam while the door is closing, it will stop and reverse direction. Make sure the photo eyes are clean and unobstructed. If one lens is dirty or covered, the light beam will not align and the door will not operate properly. Wipe the lenses clean with a dry soft cloth.

Check the Door Tracks and Rollers

If the tracks are dirty or obstructed with debris, it can cause excess friction that prevents smooth door travel. Clean out any built-up dirt, grease or oil from the tracks. Also check that the rollers are rolling smoothly without excess resistance. Replace any rollers that are worn down. Well-lubricated tracks and rollers will help the door operate smoothly.

Test the Door Balance

If your garage door springs are working properly, the door should remain stationary when partially open and not move up or down on its own. Lightly try to disengage the door from the floor. If it moves even slightly in either direction, the springs likely need adjustment or replacement. The door must be balanced so it does not place excessive pressure on the opener.

Reset the Opener

Before calling for service, check if simply resetting the garage door opener electronics helps. Most openers have a “learn” button or switch that can be used to reset the travel limits and motor force settings. Follow the manual instructions to perform a reset. This may fix glitches in the programming. Make sure to run the opener through a full open/close cycle after resetting.

Check the Manual Disconnect Feature

This safety device is usually a red cord or pull-pin that can manually disconnect the door from the opener. Make sure it is securely in place and not caught on anything that may prevent the door from operating if the power goes out. Remove any obstructions and pull firmly to test that the manual release works properly.

Replace the Opener Batteries

Some openers run on batteries as a backup power source in addition to the electric power. Even if the batteries are not powering the unit currently, weak or dead batteries can sometimes cause glitches. Replace any batteries that are old with a fresh set. Run the door through several open/close cycles after installing new batteries.

At this point, if the garage door is still not functioning after trying these simple troubleshooting tips, it’s likely that professional garage door repair is needed. Components like the opener motor, circuit board or remote transmitters may need replacement. Springs or cables could be worn and require safety adjustment or repair. For a knowledgeable evaluation of your particular door system issues, contact the experts at Integrity Garage Door Repair in Chesapeake.

When Should You Call a Pro?

As a local garage door company, we want homeowners to feel empowered to fix small issues themselves when possible. This saves on repair costs and gets families back to comfortably using their garage faster. However, there are some signs that indicate it’s time to contact a technician:

  • The door is making strange, loud or grinding noises during operation. This could indicate internal damage.
  • The door no longer fully opens or closes on its own and cannot be operated manually by one person.
  • Cables or springs are loose, frayed or unevenly wound. Springs under high tension can cause serious injury if they fail.
  • The door opens but will not close securely or cannot be latched in the down position.
  • There is any issue with remote control access, safe-stop or automatic reverse functioning during closing.
  • The door unbalances noticeably or sags in the middle.

Our experienced technicians at Integrity Garage Door Repair can diagnose and handle any garage door repairs or installations required in Chesapeake safely and professionally. We offer honest pricing and always aim to make recommendations in the best interest of your home’s safety and functionality. Contact us today to arrange a service call for your non-working or problem garage door.


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