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Integrity Garage Door Repair is an independently owned garage door repair company that specializes in repairing and replacing garage door. The company has been serving the residents of Chesapeake, VA for many years. Integrity Garage Door Repair is well-known for its top-notch customer service.

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Preventative Maintenance is Key: Caring for Your Springs to Avoid Snapping or Cracking

Here at Integrity Garage Door Repair serving the Chesapeake area, we understand that garage door springs can cause major issues if they’re not properly maintained. These often overlooked components work very hard, winding and unwinding thousands of times over the lifespan of your door. Neglecting regular upkeep puts them at risk of snapping or cracking unexpectedly. But with some preventative care on your part, you can help your springs last for many years of reliable service.

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Inspecting and Lubricating on a Schedule

The best way to protect your springs is through periodic inspection and light lubrication. We recommend checking them at minimum twice per year—at the start and end of each season is a good benchmark. Look for signs of rust, kinks, or frays in the winding cables. Wipe away any debris or corrosion and apply a small amount of lubricant like silicone spray. Pay attention to where the cables attach to the springs as well.

Springs themselves should be visually inspected for breaks in the winding, pitting, or bent coils. If you spot any issues, call a pro right away for safe repair or replacement before damage escalates. Some telltale sounds like squeaking during operation could also signal the need for inspection. Lubricate the outer winding and springs lightly during checkups to promote smooth movement.

Leveling and Adjusting for Top Performance

In Chesapeake’s climate, seasonal temperature and humidity shifts can sometimes cause garage doors to sag or pull to one side over time. This puts uneven stress on the springs that help lift and balance the weight. We recommend having your door professionally leveled and balanced on an annual basis to keep springs properly functioning. An expert eye can make micro-adjustments to compensate for natural changes.

Replacing Prematurely or Proactively

Though garage door springs are engineered to last 10,000 or more cycles, real-world operating conditions do cause premature wear. Any signs of deterioration should prompt replacement as a snap could cause serious injury. Springs also just get old after 15-20 years in service. Many homeowners choose to proactively replace both at once every 10-15 years for maximum safety and performance.

Catching issues early saves hundreds in repair costs compared to last-minute replacements after a spring fails. We’re always available to inspect springs and determine if replacement makes sense before problems arise for your Chesapeake home. Don’t wait until disaster strikes to invest in your garage door’s critical components. Routine maintenance is the most cost-effective way to keep them running strong.


Key signs it’s time for new springs include snapping/cracking sounds, broken coils, rust, bending/kinking of winding cables, and sagging that doesn’t correct when opening/closing the door. Springs also need replacement if they are 10-15+ years old due to normal wear, even if no visible damage appears. You may notice change in operation effort or odd noises as springs fatigue. A pro inspection can catch worn springs that may fail imminently too. Don’t take chances – replace at first signs of deterioration.

Snapped extension springs under high tension can inflict very serious injuries, including fractures and lacerations. They have enough potential energy to cause damage if not properly contained. Failing torsion springs in particular may suddenly allow the heavy garage door to drop rapidly, resulting in damage to equipment or risk of impact/crushing injuries. That’s why spring maintenance and replacing them preventatively is so important for safety around a very powerful mechanical system. A broken spring incident reinforces why qualified technicians should perform all garage door repairs.