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The Garage Door Repair Mistakes That Can Cost You Big

When it comes to our homes, we all know the importance of keeping them in tip-top shape. One often overlooked aspect of home maintenance is the garage door. It’s easy to take it for granted until it stops working correctly. That’s when you might find yourself facing a hefty repair bill. But fear not because we’re here to help you avoid common garage door repair mistakes that can cost you big.

Garage Door Repair Mistakes

Mistake #1: DIY Repairs

In today’s age of YouTube tutorials and DIY culture, it’s tempting to try and fix your garage door issues yourself. While there are certainly some minor maintenance tasks you can handle, like lubricating hinges and tracks, attempting significant repairs without the proper knowledge and tools can lead to disaster.

Why it’s a mistake:

  • Lack of expertise can worsen the problem.
  • You might void your warranty.
  • Safety risks are involved.

Instead, trust a professional garage door repair service like Integrity Garage Door Repair in Chesapeake. They have the experience and tools to diagnose and fix the problem correctly and safely.

Mistake #2: Neglecting Regular Maintenance

Many homeowners underestimate the importance of routine garage door maintenance. Your garage door is a complex system with various moving parts; over time, these parts can wear out or become misaligned. Neglecting maintenance can lead to more significant issues down the road.

Why it’s a mistake:

  • Increased chances of unexpected breakdowns.
  • Shortened lifespan of your garage door.
  • Higher repair costs in the long run.

Schedule regular maintenance with a trusted garage door service to avoid this mistake. They can inspect, lubricate moving parts, and adjust to keep your door in optimal condition.

Mistake #3: Ignoring Strange Noises

Your garage door should operate smoothly and quietly. If you notice unusual sounds like grinding, squeaking, or clunking, it’s a sign that something is amiss. Ignoring these noises can lead to more significant problems and expenses.

Why it’s a mistake:

  • Small issues can escalate into major repairs.
  • Increased risk of a sudden door malfunction.
  • Higher repair costs.

If you hear strange noises, don’t hesitate to contact a professional garage door repair service. They can identify the issue early and prevent it from becoming costly.

Mistake #4: Using Incorrect Parts

When a garage door component needs replacement, it’s crucial to use the right parts. Using incorrect or subpar parts can compromise the door’s functionality and safety.

Why it’s a mistake:

  • Reduced door performance.
  • Safety hazards.
  • Potential voiding of warranty.

Always rely on a reputable garage door repair service to source and install the correct parts for your specific door model.

Mistake #5: Delaying Repairs

Some homeowners tend to procrastinate when it comes to garage door repairs. They might think the issue is not urgent or they can live with a malfunctioning door. However, delaying repairs can lead to more extensive damage and higher costs.

Why it’s a mistake:

  • Increased risk of accidents.
  • Escalating repair costs.
  • Security risks to your home.

Address garage door problems promptly by contacting a professional company as soon as you notice any issues.

In conclusion, avoiding these common garage door repair mistakes can save you significant money, stress, and time in the long run. Prioritize regular maintenance, trust repair professionals, and promptly address issues to keep your garage door functioning optimally.


It’s recommended to schedule garage door maintenance at least once a year. However, more frequent inspections and maintenance may be necessary if your door gets heavy daily use.

If your garage door suddenly stops working, avoid attempting DIY repairs. Contact a professional garage door repair service for a thorough inspection and safe repairs.